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At Walk Free, we welcome any efforts that will improve the estimation of the extent of modern slavery. We are keen to learn from and work with any person or government seeking to expose the prevalence of this crime. Our data is protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights.  But we provide it free under license for non-commercial (including academic) use.

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The GSI aims to answer three questions:

  • How many people are living in modern slavery?
  • What are governments doing to respond to modern slavery?
  • What factors make individuals vulnerable to slavery?

To that end, this year’s GSI includes a government response section which analyses what governments are doing to eradicate modern slavery. As it did in 2013, this year we include a section to explain vulnerability, which increases our understanding of the contextual factors that make people vulnerable to modern slavery: but in 2014 it includes new data points on various forms of discrimination.

Many of the questions you have are available in our FAQ section or by downloading the PDF below.

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Download the 2013 Global Slavery Index here.

2013 Global Slavery Index

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